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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gemini Babe

As you all should.....I mean may, know by now, it was recently my birthday and I am now 22 years old. (As I was last year and the year to come) :P I think that age suits me :D

- For my birthday weekend. I had a nice dinner with cute colored eyed mama's boy who shares the same birthday as me. Post about him may come soon :P

- I also received a gift which I for the life of me do not understand. I mean seriously, why bother? Whoever said its the thought that counts should have thought harder! Dumbass! real 22 birthday was one of the best I ever had. This one, which I thought was gonna be the most blah, managed to top that!

-You see, I was thrown a surprise party by my friends :)

So what you may say? Ahh to me it was a big deal. I have never really have been part of a 'group' since high school, but for the last year, I have been hanging out with an eclectic group of people who are not exactly from the same background as me, yet who I have grown to love and enjoy immensely.

So basically what happened was, we were having our usual weekend beach hang out at one of the resorts. When suddenly, out comes a cake with
'Happy Birthday Miya' on it, sparklers a sparkling, gifts agiving, and lots of people showed up with birthday wishes, some who I had only recently met. I was truly flattered!

Of course I had cake smeared all over me, ( some licked off too, I am still quite offended by that actually, not cool at all) which I didnt mind at all! LOL!! Everyone had some cake, which tasted YUMMY!

What made it even better was that while looking around, I noticed that practically everyone at the beach, which were mostly regulars and thus know me in passing, looked very happy for me. Everyone was smiling and happy, which made me even happier.

Another thing which made me so happy, is that while the gifts I received were simple, they were all so ME! It really showed that these people who I have only been hanging with for a year tuly care and know me well. I feel very blessed. Even the waiter ended up giving me a token gift too, and the workers were all hugs and kisses.
and yes secretly, I have always wanted a surprise party, and have been jealous of the stories. I mean how flattering is it to have people who love you enough to go through all that trouble? Just to make you happy.

Thing is, when I thanked them, they thought they had not done enough, were a little embarrased even, they will never know just how much it meant to me.

Of course there was music and dancing too :P Mostly by me, but then again I have no shame when it comes to dancing :)

Did I say 'me' enough times in this post already?....No?? ....Ok...

Happy (belated) Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Please note I started wrote this last week and just managed to edit and post it :P


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