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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

1 sheep...JUMP, 2 sheep...JUMP, 3 sheep...

Tagged by Delicately Realistic

My fav tag, and look how long I took to get round to it!! So sorry DR!! But you know what....I have a confession to make....

I have nearly the same HK's (thats HELLO KITTY for those non HK lovers :P) But they are bu 6aga so you can't really wear them, they just sit there looking pretty while I go around in ugly slippers. Didn't think it would be cool to post them, (yet had I known I would be confessing this, I could have posted them a long time ago. Oh well...) So yeah, the very next day, as I was about to buy a robe, it hit me....I need FLUFFY SLIPPERS that are WEARABLE!! So I'll be damned if I didn't bring home a couple of sheep to steal HK's thunder.

I hereby introduce twinkle-dee and twinkle-dum!! They are number 173 and 362 on the sleep-inducing sheep fence-jumping count-down (1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep...). I am sure you guys have met them before, although you may have been too groggy to remember.

So now is your chance. Take a good look at their faces, you may call them dum and dee(left) for short, and just send a quick wave their way as you see them jump the fence.

Hmmm who shall I tag.......hmmm.....I tag ...

JACKIE!! Hopefully you will be motivated out of your last post. Come on...we miss you!! You know you want to :D

Hmmm who else...ba3ad hmmmmm......Ok I know you said you don't believe in slippers, bes kayfich, start believing and go shopping :P I tag...


Hey, you said you were bored :P

P.S. Yes the sheep counting does work :P


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