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Sunday, February 12, 2006

You have 5 seconds to get away from the Vehicle!

I was just reading Ms. Baker's post and remembered an incident that happened to me.

I had just left work, and was in a hurry to get home. Driving along the highwhy as usual, I noticed a grown man dressed to the nines, in a flashy new car following me. Now when I am driving I always look straight ahead no matter what

Anywas, this guy drove next to me, then in front of me, then behind me, on and on and would not leave. I was getting close to my exit off the highway and had to get rid of him, we were in the middle lane and he was right behind ladies and gentleman, I present to you my sadistic side.....

I thought to myself, "You ass think you can get me with your ho car!? MASHY! Ana a3alimik il adab!"

I readied my hand on the gear and slammed my breaks as hard as I could, so he was a feather away from crashing into me, then quickly put it on second and slammed the gas and sped away. It all happened in a split second, but I made sure to catch the look on his face as he got up close and personal with my bumper break lights :D

His eyes widened to resemble something out of an anime cartoon, and the gitra flew off his head! He went right then left, and I could swear I heard him swearing at me!

Naturally, he drove far far away from me :P

Poor guy didn't know who he was messing with.


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