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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Damn! I could spread you on a cracker! Yum.

Got tagged again by Beyond q8iya. I did this tag before. It says perfect lover. To me 'lover' is someone you make love to, which is much more juicy than what everyone has been describing, and therefore, this time, I will answer with the 'juicy' version of my perfect lover.
  1. Taller than me, but not too tall - so we 'fit'.
  2. Handsome face, with a cheeky smile and naughty eyes - to attract me.
  3. Tanned & smooth skin all over. I have an OCD against hair - the smoother the more lickable.
  4. Muscular body, but not big built, think swimmer's body - so I can trace the outlines with my fingers.
  5. Nice hands - e7m be able to handle me.
  6. High IQ - the brain is the most sexual organ.
  7. Great Hygiene - nothing more yucky than stinky smells.
  8. Badboy Attitude - to have his way with me!

A mixture of both this tag and the last one would describe my perfect husband. And before your filthy minds start wondering....

No I do NOT have a lover, nor am I looking for one!


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