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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Vacation Day 1

So I get to my hotel room and realise I have a view of NOTHING, kicked up a fuss and asked for it to be changed into something with a view, and this is the view I got:

So as per my travel ritual, I quickly unpacked and happy to finally relax, I proceeded to fill the bathtub for my bubble bath. By that time, every part of my body ached since I did a stupid sprinting thing at the airport. So I open the tap, and watch the water running down the drain. Yes the DRAIN. It hit me then! SHIT NO DRAIN PLUG!!
So I go try and pull out the one from the sink, didnt work, and after about an hour I finally got one. Here are my toes enjoying the bubble bath. Oooh bliss! :

Of course when I got out I realised that there was no plug for a REASON. Which was the whole bathroom had flooded. There was no way I was changing rooms after unpacking, so I ended up having to dry up the bathroom. (And yeah, that happened every night, after a long gruelly day of enjoying every frinkn minute to the brim, lest I miss something. Why bubble bath? Because it is the only way I can get feeling in my legs and feet again after walking on them for 15 hours :D )

After that I decided to order a meal, unwind and get some rest for next day's SHOPPING!!


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