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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

List: Pet Peeves

  1. Bad Eating/Drinking Etiquette: That includes all slurpy, chewy and crunchy noises, talking with your mouth full or opening your mouth while chewing in general and taking large mouthfuls of food like the food was about to jump off your plate and run away.
  2. Bad Hygiene: Soap is your friend people, use it to wash your bodies and your hands (especially after going to the bathroom), trust me we can tell when you don't and no, the perfume ain't masking it.
  3. Bad Breath: A tick tac wouldnt kill you.
  4. Smoking: Fine when you do it in your own space, but when you are sharing mine, I prefer not to end up smelling of an ashtray. This is doubled when people are trying to eat, and you are smoking at the table. How the hell am I meant to taste my food? Hold my nose as I swallow?
  5. Loud People: The ones that have to shout out every word so they have everyone's attention. Especially when you are in mid-sentence and they decide what THEY have to say is more important than YOUR petty point.
  6. Nosy People: Those are the ones who hardly know you but have no problem asking you personal questions, trying to get some dirt on you. Or the ones who come and peer into your meal with their stinky breath oblivious to the fact that you are trying to enjoy your food.
  7. Guys who think they are hot/hotter than me: Yes, I know you are good looking, yes I know girls want you, and yes I know many of them throw themselves all over you, but that does not EVER make it ok to call yourself hot, cute, sexy etc etc. YUCK! Get over yourself already.
  8. Beggars: I worked for my money, go work for yours!
  9. Dirty Looks: 'I didn't kill your mama, I didn't steal your money, heck I don't even know you! Why the fuck are you giving me 'that' look?' When you hear those words in retaliation, then you have met me :)
  10. Crappy Souveniers: What am I meant to do with this shit?
  11. People who ask me when I am going to wear 7ijab: WTF is it to you? How is that any of your business? This is especially annoying when asked by a girl in super full make-up, a sleazy stretch outfit and a padded bra, who after giving you a holier than thou look, proceeds to bad mouth people behind their back.
  12. People who are proud to call themselves 'PLAYER': What exactly are you proud of? Your lying and cheating? Your lack of morals and values?
  13. People who play games: What are you five? Grow up and just say it like it is.
  14. The words cool, dude and pal: Self explanatory.
  15. Tailgaters: Especially the ones who drive exactly as fast you, as soon as they pass you. Yes I will speed up, cut you off AND slow down, purely for my 'pissing you off' pleasure.
  16. Chasers: Guys who drive right next to you signaling like mad men and embarrassing you. Ya3ny what? Am I meant to take one look at you and swoon? Not interested dumbass!
  17. Shopping tailgaters: Those are the people who walk into a store and have to come grab the item you are trying to look at. Ya3ny mako bil ma7al ghayr hal tanoora??
  18. People who for the sake of conversation, comment on some aspect of yourself: Such as, 'You have lost weight!' Umm, no honey, I just put on a couple of pounds, but thanks for bringing it up. Dumbass.
  19. Salespeople: The ones that try and convince you the hideous thing you are trying on looks amazing, and the ones that talk to you as if you are an illeterate idiot. Thank you but for the 100th time, I don't need your help nor your opinion.
  20. Being woken up: When I have no plans and all I want to do is rest, dear mum kindly do not wake me, especially not in a way that suggest that world is ending. Yes it DOES ruin my mood.

What are YOUR pet peeves?


  • At January 05, 2006 1:16 AM, Anonymous bluzy said…


  • At January 05, 2006 1:29 AM, Anonymous DesertRose said…

    1)When my dad calls me during a lecture.
    2)In the middle of a family dinner, my uncle stops eating then he asks a random question like , M. when are you planning to get married , then the whole table laughs.
    3)When i get an sms , my little brother giggles and makes smooching sounds.
    Awww these things tick me off

  • At January 05, 2006 1:38 AM, Blogger don_veto said…

    I dn't get mad real esy but driing in Kuwait makes me crazy with all the points you listed. I also don't like people who talk for hours without getting to the point and phone calls from sales agents on my mobile. GRRRRR, now you got me all mad.

  • At January 05, 2006 11:58 AM, Blogger MiYaFuSHi said…

    bluzy: THANX

    desertrose: I remember my parents doing that to me too a LONG time ago when I was in university.

    don_veto: Driving needs a post by itself. But I made a promise to myself and my readers (silently) to never bitch about 2 things, the weather and kuwait driving.
    Sorry to get you mad :P

    Actually I remember quite a few more pet peeves. I might write another list.

  • At January 05, 2006 12:35 PM, Blogger Papillona ® said…

    COOL! Dude, we could make great pals (lol just teasing)

    Your list is just perfect.. I have a few things to add..


  • At January 05, 2006 12:54 PM, Blogger shortyq said…

    Your list consists almost all pet peeves i9ara7a! Ma 5elaitay shey! ;p But what really gets on my nerves is when someone complains about their physical features like :"aah, my hair is disgusting, im so fat, i have a huge noise" compelling you to reply with "no, you have gorgeous hair, you lost a lot of weight though, your noise is cute" just to improve their self-esteem when you think of them as self-centered freaks. list the rest you have...

  • At January 05, 2006 12:58 PM, Anonymous DesertRose said…

    Hehe Papillona, are ya referring to me gal?! well if you are then lets start the list:P:P:P:P

  • At January 05, 2006 2:17 PM, Blogger Papillona ® said…

    DesertRose, hehehe I meant Miyafushi but hey! your list is good too.
    Miya. I posted my list on my blog and I linked it to you. I hope you don't mind :)

  • At January 05, 2006 6:51 PM, Anonymous DesertRose said…

    hehe Papi. thanks for making me cry, lol , i am joking :P/
    p.s i love the idea of the big face that appears in your blog..cheers

  • At January 07, 2006 3:04 PM, Blogger MiYaFuSHi said…

    papi: Thanx dude:P That's cool, no prob pal.

    shortyq: That is annoying. Ashwa I dont get those q's. I'm blunt! If a girl asked me does my butt look big in this, I would answer yes and you can see your pantylines too.
    They tend to stop asking :P

  • At January 10, 2006 9:52 PM, Blogger The Krispy Dixie said…

    Pet Peeves:

    *People who don't respect my shit.
    *People who don't respect my space.
    *People who are mean to animals.
    *People who talk out of their asses.
    *Obvious bull-shitters.

    pretty much people in general, it would seem...

    P.S> I'm not a bitch, at least that's not the concensus :P

  • At January 20, 2006 10:57 PM, Blogger MiYaFuSHi said…

    I do not think you are at all :)

  • At April 05, 2007 6:56 PM, Blogger Orchidz said…

    1-Hate it when people in a thinking of something kinda stare..speak out load or dont look!
    2-When someone criticize me n something without viewing their own actions
    3-If you have a guy friend, people immidiately overgeneralize that hes ur boyfriend,,what the hell!
    4-When i work my @@#$! off and dont get the credit i deserve for it..i dont complain yet its nice to be have at least a thankyou in return
    4-I hate it when i try to reason with people using facts and they say where did u get this from or who told u or how did u know bout this..books, tv, common knowledge!!


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