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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagged by Photoflow - My weirdness.

I'll try and make this different to my post about the quirky things I do. Hmmm....

  1. I squint when I am concentrating or watching tv.
  2. I feel guilty when I squish a bug.
  3. I come across as a girly girl, love pink, dressing up etc, but am actually a tomboy.
  4. I dance in my head whenever there is music on. Especially when I am driving.
  5. I have no fear and will try anything once, as long as it does not include jumping off a plane, bridge etc
  6. I can spend hours or even days completely alone and not get bored, as long as I have a TV and Internet access.
  7. I have such a bad memory, that I do not even know my family members from aquantainces etc. If I see them somewhere, I will have no idea who they are or what they are called.
  8. People sometimes think I am drunk, when I am not, simply because I get superhyper at times :P
  9. I have about 70 swimsuits :S It's my addiction, I love the summer.
  10. I have a very weird but cute birthmark.

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