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Monday, January 23, 2006

Vacation Day 3

THE SCENE: I am finally buying a camera, only 2 left, black and silver, a european couple next to me have taken the silver. I get a phone call and tell the salesguy brb. I get back to find the european guy holding my cam:

Guy: Will you give us a discount if we buy both??
Miya (Simultaneaoulsy throwing a hissy fit and grabbing the camera back): No no no, you already took the last silver one! I get one and you get one!

The couple undoubtebly moved far far away from me.


THE SCENE: I am trying on shoes at a shoe store. My friend who had gone to another store walks in laughing like a crazy person.

Him: You see that store ALLLLLLL the way over there?
Me: Yeah??
Him: I saw the red and yellow from there!!!!!!!!!

(Note to self: Wear longer tops)


I spent the day shopping for a camera, had a quick lunch in the mall (very good) and then went back to the hotel, bubbled bathed etc and left again. Went to an amazing rooftop restaurant!! Really nice :)


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