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Thursday, December 22, 2005

A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward

Christmas day is on Sunday. On this day I urge you to remember the Christians around you. More specifically, 'the help' i.e. your maids, cooks and drivers.

Please, please, please do something special for them on this day. By special I don't mean giving them a 2KD tip. I mean something that will make them feel at home and with family. Remember they are humans too, they get sad, homesick, angry, lonely and sick too. But there they are up at 6 am in the morning doing chores all day long!! And for what??? A measly 60KD. Something you and I would spend without having a second thought.
I know some families give their help the day off, and some only let them out in their company, incase they 'go bad'. Either way, here are some ideas:

  1. Buy them large stockings and decorations, and fill their stockings up with candy and/or gifts while they sleep, for a nice surprise the next morning.
  2. Invite them out to lunch or dinner or at least order a nice big meal in.
  3. Take them all out to the entertainment city and let them go wild.
  4. Take them to a movie of their choice.
  5. Take them shopping in a low priced mall, such 'as Soug Salmiya' which includes 'City Centre', tons of cheap shops, and 100 fils stores, as well as, a bowling alley and pool tables. You can take your laptop along to starbucks while they do their thing.
  6. Surprise them with new outfits or even just scares and mittens, before they venture out for the day.
  7. Check out 'Arab Times' for other events they may enjoy.

Those are just a few ideas that would hardly touch your budget but would really touch their hearts. Feel free to add more ideas and please tell us how it goes :)


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