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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Compliments: American vs. Kuwaiti

Case 1: American guy at gym.

Him: What's your secret?
Me (confused) : Secret???
Him: Yeah, you have lost a lot of weight, you look great!
Me (grinning and in shock): You KNOW me?
Him: Yeah I used to see you around during the summer. (i.e. he has seen my 'J-Lo' ass in a bathing suit tanning)
Me: Oh ok! Well thank you very much, it is so sweet of you to notice, I am truly flattered.

Case 2: Kuwaiti friend at gathering.

Him (accusingly): You have lost weight! You look good!
Me: Umm, yeah I lot some thanks for noticing.
Him: No no really! You have lost a LOT of weight!!
Me: Umm, well yeah, I have been working out, but its just a couple of kilos.
Him: No it can't be! I mean, you used to be OBESE! I mean really OBESE!!
(quick note, the largest I have ever been was a UK14, whereas he is 3 times my size)
Me: Well, I only lost THREE kilos.
Him: It can't be!
Me: Well it is. Hmmm, maybe I am just more in shape with the working out.
Him: Hmm maybe.


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