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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When pigs fly?

I was dumbfounded by her accuracy. I went into the room thinking, this should be a new and fun experience which I would take with a grain of salt. But I left the room 30 minutes later 10KD poorer and with a big grin on my face.

To cut a long story short, yesterday I had my first experience with a 'FAL' lady. You know, the scary looking fortune teller with seashells? Yeah, that’s the one. Here is a recount of exactly what happened, if for anything, then for me to remember.

I walked into the room at my friend’s house and she was sitting there on the floor with a towel in front of her. I said my hellos and sat down across from her. She was an Iraqi lady with a strong accent that I hardly understood. She gave me a shell and told me, this represents you, read your name, your mum's name and what you want over it. So yeah, trying to keep a straight face, I put the shell up to my mouth and said what she asked. Next all the shells were put into my hands and I had to spread them out on the towel. As soon as she looked at them, she told me literally every detail about my life.

Those details included information such as arguments between my best friend and her hubby, how many brothers and sisters I have and how we are currently having some construction work being done to our home in another country.

She also told me about future happenings which I am expecting, such as getting a new car, getting some good stuff at work, and how I was gonna travel soon. Oh and the biggest shocker.....a certain family member is pregnant! Now NOBODY knew THAT! She said that it would be a boy.

Other future stuff she mentioned was that my father would be receiving a huge amount of money from some deal, that my brother is gonna try and take a big slice of. And that two girls with me at work would have a fight.

Oh and here comes the juicy stuff, she mentioned two guys, the first guy, has nice 7in6awy skin lighter than mine. She said that we are in contact and both like each other but things have been rasmy between us. However, she said he would tell me he liked me very soon, and we would start chatting on the phone and get married after I come back from my trip, by March maximum. (At this point I was tempted to say, "As if I would marry someone that fast!" Apparently, he will be everything I have ever wanted and my mother will jump with joy and give out gifts or something. (wa3alaya, mo imsadga)

The second guy she mentioned briefly. He is an asmar guy who has been watching me for a while from afar and wants to get married but is too scared to tell me.

Other tidbits were that two friends I have are not being 100% open with me, that there are people around my family that are jealous and that I was an extremely open and kind person.

Here is the best part: She said I was the first person she did 'fal' to, who was completely not thinking of themself :D

In closing she said that I have many great things ahead of me and nothing bad. I should also mention that she always said "Wa Allaho Al A3lam" while talking.

So I left with a big smile on my face and within 1 hour a cute guy I know contacts me. And woo and behold, he tells me he likes me. If I could raise an eyebrow I would.


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