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Monday, December 05, 2005

Things to do in Kuwait.

1- Go for a walk with your dogs (or steal you neighbors dogs) at the scientific center wearing this tee The dogs not you.
2- Gather as many friends as you can, and go take dumb pictures going down the water log at the entertainment city. Yes the one in Doha its only 20 mins away goddammit!
3- Invite your family out to dinner, or a game of bowling, or a movie (to avoid conversation) that will keep them off yout ass for a while.
4- Drive all the way to kempenski and spend the day there having a nice lunch, play pool, and then a drive on the buggies.
5- Go somewhere new, other than the mall, cafe or restaurant.
6- Take a bunch of foreigners on a tour of Kuwait, especially soug al imbarkiya. Have kebabs, and drink tea with the old guys in the tiny cafe. It's a laugh!
7- Go paintballing.
8- Sign up at a course you've been meaning to go to.
9- Go shooting. Anyone can do it if you are of age, all you need is you I.D. It's right next to the hunting and equestrian club.
10- Go fishing at the pier or on a boat.

Well thats 10 activities, most of which have been tried and tested by me. Enjoy :)

(11- Explain to me how to hyperlink my links :P)


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